Our Company

Mission Statement:

Capital Inspectors mission is to ASSURE THAT CLIENT SPECIFICATIONS ARE STRICTLY ADHERED TO and the client receives the job paid for.

Capital Inspectors has been in operation since 2009, performing assignments throughout the United States and abroad. Our staff’s experience combines hundreds of years of knowledge and experience in the inspection industry. This knowledge is built around coating & paint failure analysis, atmospheric corrosion inspections, air-to-soil interface inspections, NACE coating condition surveys, and Above Ground Tank Inspections. In addition to NACE Coating Inspection, our experience and services extend to API inspection of construction and repairs of Above Ground Storage Tanks, as well as AWS Certified Welding Inspector services. We are also experienced with coating manufacturing/formulations, surface preparation, and coating application which encompasses our all-around knowledge of coating inspections.

Qualifications of a Capital Inspector:

  • Inspector Status: Capital Inspectors screening process includes Criminal Background Checks, Drug and Alcohol Tests, and Driving Records to ensure a safe working environment for us and our clients. We utilize IMember LogoSNetworld to collect this information from third parties. ISNetworld verifies its accuracy and then reports in an easy to follow format for our clients. This central database allows our clients to select those resources that best meet internal and government requirements. Through this system, we foster a stronger relationship with our clients.
  • Certification: Capital Inspectors are trained and certified in accordance with NACE International, API (American Petroleum Institute), AWS (American Welding Society).
  • Qualification: ALL Capital Inspectors hold certifications from NACE, API, AWS (CWI and CPWI), or a combination of these.
  • Background Experience: A complete review of an inspector’s background determines their effectiveness as a qualified inspector. Many of our inspectors started as applicators, welders, or contractors, giving them a clear understanding of processes and techniques. A work resume of the inspector assigned to your facility will be provided, to ensure that they are the most qualified at performing the inspection at your facility.
  • Training & Development: Capital Inspectors is committed to the continued professional development of our inspectors. Training tools are delivered remotely to our inspectors through video and email. These tools help improve inspector skill sets in the areas of proper writing techniques and increase the quality level of our Capital Reports. Some examples are:
    • DIR (Daily Inspection Report) Video Training
    • Grammar Blasts
    • Technical Blasts
    • Daily verbiage structure tips
  • Quality Control: Capital Reports are reviewed daily by our management team to assure the highest standard of reporting.





Capital Reports describes the set of reports offered by Capital Inspectors during each phase of the job. Capital Reports includes:

  • Corrosion Assessment (including Atmospheric Corrosion Inspection results)
  • NACE Coating Condition Surveys
  • Start-Up Reports
  • Daily Inspection Reports (DIR)
  • Close-Out Reports

Capital Inspectors prides itself on our detail-oriented reports that give project visibility to our clients. The reports give credibility to the work being performed according to (or not) owners specifications.