Nace Certified Coating Inspection and Coating Management

Nace Certified Coating Inspection

Is it just paint (coating) or is it corrosion protection? Coatings are clear or pigmented film-forming materials that protect the surface to which they are applied from the effects of the environment. (Coating Inspector Program, NACE International, 2003). This is where a NACE coating condition survey by one of our NACE certified coating inspectors come in handy.

As one of the leading NACE inspection companies, Capital Inspectors’ surface preparation and application experience prevents job errors, saving valuable time and money for all parties involved.

Duties our Coating Inspectors perform:

  • Comprehensive Documentation of weather conditions, dewpoints, relative humidity, surface temperatures, anchor profiles, substrate cleanliness, and batch numbers
  • PA -2 dry film thickness readings
  • Time stamped photography of each phase
  • Project acceptance




Capital Inspectors coined the term Coating Management as an additional service. Coating Management combines the skills of a Project Manager and Certified Coating Inspector allowing our clients to entrust their jobs to Capital Inspectors for a turnkey service; from the initial survey to the final assurance that the project was performed according to client specifications. We are an owner’s SPEC driven company.

Our Coating Management includes:

  • Review and assessment of client’s coating specifications
  • Unbiased technical support on selection of coating systems and products
  • Coating assessment and failure analysis
  • Contractor scope review
  • Technical support on surface preparation and coating application
  • NACE certified daily coating inspection
  • Daily Inspection Reports (DIR)
  • Daily in-house quality control of our DIRs
  • Close-out reports
  • Close-out binders along with electronic copy

Capital Inspectors’ Coating Management provides beginning to end assurance that our client’s specifications are followed.

Learn more about NACE Certified Coating Inspection on NACE’s website: