Atmospheric Corrosion Inspection & Coating Condition Surveys

What is Corrosion? Corrosion is the state of natural deterioration in metals caused by oxidation or a chemical reaction with its environment. The degree of corrosion depends on numerous factors including different surfaces and environments. An atmospheric corrosion inspection and NACE coating condition survey will tell you how corrosion protections are holding up.

NACE Coating Condition Surveys are performed by a NACE level II or III Inspector or Coating Manager.

A Site-Visit consists of:

  • Reviews the condition of existing coatings
  • Determining the coating condition
  • Determining the severity of corrosion based on surface condition according to ISO 4628-3 / ASTM D 610 standards. Capital Inspectors custom designs a scale based off client’s specifications.
  • Characterizing rust distribution according to SSPC-VIS 2 Standard Method of Evaluating Degree of Rusting on Painted Steel Surfaces.
  • Undertaking adhesion tests
  • Performing Dry Film Thickness (DFT) readings taken in a manner that complies with SSPC PA-2, Measurement of Dry Coating Thickness with Magnetic Gauges.

Comprehensive reporting of all findings are compiled into a detailed Atmospheric Corrosion Inspection and Coating Condition Survey Report.

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